Blue Memento

A few words about Blue Memento

In 2019, Done Technologies (Done) developed “Blue Memento,” a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution. Inspired by artificial intelligence techniques, Blue Memento is an innovative software for completing timesheets. It completely reimagines the user interaction with conventional timesheets, making them more accurate, simpler, smarter, and more intuitive.

The problem encountered

Blue Memento was born out of a vision and ultimate goal: to free up employees’ time so they can focus on more valuable tasks and help them better prioritize their work. The efforts required to complete timesheets can be significant, preventing employees from investing their time in tasks, projects, or activities where they can operate at their full potential and contribute to making their company more productive. The time spent entering hours and the approval process is not always optimal for the employer or the company.

The Challenges

Prior to Blue Memento, Done Technologies created Talia, an initial attempt at assisting with timesheet entry. Based on chatbot technology, Talia aimed to simplify the process of entering work hours. However, due to installation and security-related obstacles, using such a product proved challenging for clients. Although Talia was unsuccessful, the frustrations remained, and nearly 10 years later, a second attempt to address them led to the birth of Blue Memento.

Another challenge was adapting and integrating with clients’ existing systems and platforms. However, thanks to the efforts of the Done team, Blue Memento is now adaptable to all timesheet configurations and workflows.

The Solution

Blue Memento aims to simplify the lives of workers by eliminating the frustrations associated with entering work hours. Developed entirely by Done Technologies, the software allows users to record and remember all their daily activities. It learns from their habits to automatically complete certain fields and make suggestions. With intelligent assistance, approvers can focus on the actions that need to be prioritized.

Users who need to approve time also benefit from intelligent assistance, not only to gain visibility into their employees’ daily tasks but also to focus on the actions that need to be prioritized during approval.

The solution also centralizes all daily activities in one place in the form of a timeline, eliminating the need to consult various sources of information. These intuitive and fast features minimize the time required to fill out a timesheet, including:

  • Multiple quick shortcuts
  • A “favorites” section, with tasks of varying duration and frequency
  • Intuitive use of drag-and-drop and copy-paste for time entries
  • Projects, tasks, and classifications directly integrated into the connected system
  • Quick and easy search

Approach That Led to the Success of the Project

The Done Technologies team ensured an agile approach throughout the development process. They developed a high-performing product that not only met market and client needs but also offered the following benefits:

  • Unique Solution: Blue Memento’s innovative features are unique in the market and address a real need. It distinguishes itself from the competition by providing a solution that specifically addresses the entry of work hours.
  • Differentiation from the Competition: The absence of direct competition on the NetSuite platform for timesheets presented a significant opportunity for creating and launching the product. No other product on the market offered a modern or innovative solution. Most products focused on project time management and calculation, while the more “innovative” competitors simply tweaked conventional features without introducing substantial changes to the interface. Blue Memento, on the other hand, targets small, medium, and large companies with any number of employees, distinguishing itself from competitors primarily catering to independent contractors or small businesses.
  • Integration of Artificial Intelligence: Blue Memento learns from employees’ tasks and provides suggestions for time organization, work methods, processes, etc. The system also enables team synchronization for improved time, project, and resource management.
  • Blue Memento integrates with clients’ existing systems, allowing for seamless integration without the need to change established systems and processes. The software can be connected to various calendar, email, communication, and project management tools such as NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics, Gmail, Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, JIRA, Zoom, Azure DevOps, Mural, etc.
  • Organizational and Societal Innovation: Initially, the solution improves time management in the workplace, allowing for time savings and utilization in more meaningful tasks. In the long run, through multiple platforms, it will enable individuals to better manage their time in everyday life, including work-life balance, personal and family time, etc. Blue Memento goes beyond being a mere productivity solution. It combines efficiency with the art of living to better meet human needs.


Increased Productivity and Operational Efficiency: Since its inception, the solution has saved employees between 50-80% of their time when completing timesheets. It provides them visibility into their daily tasks and overall productivity. Employees can invest their time in more important tasks, leading to increased operational efficiency for teams and companies.

Improved Accuracy and Reduced Human Error: Blue Memento minimizes errors and prevents omissions, resulting in more effective project management and accurate billing.

Enhanced Team Visibility and Performance: The automated reminders to employees have saved time for managers and employers, enabling timely submission of hours associated with clients or projects. It provides visibility into employees’ tasks, execution time, and productivity, potentially optimizing workflows and creating more efficient teams and companies.

Time Savings and Increased Employee Motivation: Beyond quantitative results, the strength of the product lies in the fact that employees, managers, and companies not only save time completing timesheets but also gain visibility into how they spend their time and how to optimize it. Current customers also report that the timesheet completion process is more enjoyable.


“From the oohs and aahs at the demo, I knew the team was going to appreciate the ease and efficiencies of using Blue Memento. Saying they actually enjoy doing timesheets now is the unexpected cherry on top of the cake.”

Stephanie Frisina

Managing Director and Partner at FUSE HEALTH

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