About Direxyon Technologies

DIREXYON Technologies is an international company specializing in the creation of innovative financial modeling and predictive analysis platforms for strategic asset investment planning. DIREXYON’s solutions help organizations manage their investments and underlying risks more accurately and identify the most cost-effective and realistic options for managing their assets over the short, medium and long term.


The Challenge

DIREXYON wanted to set up a testing strategy and integrate it into an agile DevOps process. To do so, the company called upon Pyxis’ experience in the field to evaluate how this transition could be achieved through training and coaching for its IT and QA (Quality Assurance) teams.

Our Solution

Software Architecture Support

As a first step, we conducted a technology assessment to identify the environment, projects and issues. This period of analysis was followed by a proposal identifying the roadmap to support the team and enable it to equip itself in its testing strategy.

  • analysis of testing practices on two different projects
  • testing strategy (unitary, integrated and end-to-end testing)
  • end-to-end automation process with BDD (Behaviour Driven Development)
  • type tests technical support of the QA team

Results following our intervention

Since Pyxis helped the DIREXYON development team, the quality process has been reviewed in order to formalize the different layers of tests, optimize them and define the roles and responsibilities of each and everyone in their execution. Today, DIREXYON determines the user tests at the same time as the definition of specifications, in order to optimize the development of functionalities and the execution of associated tests. Also, with the advice of Pyxis, DIREXYON has lightened the development of BDD tests, by integrating a layer of unit tests, and by further segmenting the writing of these tests. The coverage of unit tests is always in constant evolution, given the important dependencies between the components of the DIREXYON platform.


“Pyxis’ ability to navigate between strategy and technique for testing allowed us to confirm strategic avenues to tactical more quickly.”

Anne-Lise Koessler
Director, Software Development
DIREXYON Technologies

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