Logistique Login

A few words about Logistique Login

Logistique Login was founded in 2007 with the objective of offering a complete and personalized solution that combines both a warehouse management system (WMS) and a transport management system (TMS). Today, Logistique Login supports and optimizes the supply chain of several Quebec customers and their warehouses.

Logistique Login

The problem encountered

Logistique Login found itself constrained by limitations due to its hosting provider, which limited the scalability and extensibility of its system. The problem was mainly caused by the use of a monolithic server – which also entailed other risks, such as system availability and reliability. Logistique Login had to make the decision to migrate their platform to cloud computing in order to benefit from advantages such as increased availability, reliability, scalability and extensibility of their system.

The Challenges

Logistique Login’s system was monolithic and the company had no documentation to provide. The main challenge was to identify all the dependencies of the system in order to migrate them to the cloud. Not only that, but the source code for the mobile application was also unavailable, and it was an important component of the system. In addition, the system did not have automated tests, which would make it difficult to identify any regression when changes were made to the system. Finally, the version of the programming language used in the system was not automatically supported by the cloud.

The Solution

DONE split the system architecture into several components, thus avoiding the monolithic format and allowing it to manage a Platform as a Service rather than an Infrastructure as a Service. DONE therefore separated the system into several different components, including the website, database, storage and email.

Given the lack of testing in the logic layer of the system and the outdated version of the programming language, DONE implemented an API front end to evolve the logic into a recent and testable programming language, while preserving the previous logic of the system in its current format.

In order to preserve the mobile application and avoid a complete rewrite of the programming language, DONE had to reverse engineer the compiled code of the mobile application. DONE was thus able to port the mobile application to the web, in addition to making it evolve with new modules (coded in parallel and managed by DONE).

Approach That Led to the Success of the Project

  • Identify all system dependencies;
  • Virtualize the website and its dependencies to support it in the cloud;
  • Migrate the website without interruption under PaaS;
  • Migrate the database without interruption under PaaS;
  • Migrate the domain without interruption under PaaS;
  • Migrate the storage without interruption under PaaS;
  • Migrate the email component without interruption under PaaS;
  • Reuse the source code of the mobile application and extend it with the angular technology;
  • Create an API facade to separate existing functionality from new functionality;
  • Add unit tests and integration tests accordingly.


The monolithic system became maintainable, testable, extensible and scalable, which allowed it to be migrated to a cloud platform, under different PaaS components. Migration and evolution costs were reduced, as DONE managed to preserve part of the existing application, thus avoiding a complete rewrite of the system.

Being more user-friendly and stable, the new solution now allows us to add new customers, to continue our growth thanks to the development of new applications, among other things, without impacting existing customers. This new solution developed by DONE has given us confidence in the platform, which has allowed us to improve our service offering and increase our market share. Since our web portal automates several business functions, our customers are able to achieve operational efficiencies of around 30% while reducing operational costs by 10% to 15%.


“We have been exceptionally well supported and advised by DONE’s team – at all stages of the development and transformation of our software. The software had become outdated, slow, insecure and limiting in its development. It had become an impediment to our growth and was restricting our efforts to develop new applications. DONE made a clear diagnosis and proposed a solution that was efficient, robust, durable, easy to use and scalable – all while respecting the budget, the schedule and a delivery of impeccable quality.

Following DONE’s intervention and their valuable advice, we now know that we can exploit the platform to its full potential. This is why we are looking forward to the future with great enthusiasm and confidence, as we can now count on a team of experienced experts who will allow us to continue to innovate and remain a recognized leader in the creation of logistics solutions for our customers.”

Marcel Castonguay

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