OCTAS finalists 2021: Solotech

By Done Technologies

We are incredibly thrilled to announce that our esteemed client, Solotech, has emerged as a finalist for an OCTAS award in the esteemed category of “Business Solution – Private Enterprises of all sizes” with their groundbreaking “Service +” solution. The OCTAS Awards stand as a testament to excellence in IT and digital innovation, recognizing outstanding projects that push the boundaries of technological advancement. The culmination of these efforts is celebrated during the prestigious OCTAS Grand Evening, a gathering that showcases the pinnacle of achievement in the industry.

The “Service +” solution, a collaborative effort between Done and the Solotech team, stands as a beacon of innovation in real-time remote monitoring for audiovisual equipment, seamlessly integrated with remote fault resolution capabilities. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, this service automatically generates alerts, elucidating the nature of any malfunction, and promptly notifies the support team via email or phone, ensuring swift and effective resolution, particularly for priority failures.

This momentous achievement stands as a testament to the dedication and ingenuity of both Solotech and Done teams, and we are immensely proud to stand alongside Solotech as finalists in the OCTAS. To delve deeper into our collaboration and learn more about our mandate with Solotech, we invite you to explore our shared achievements here.

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