New momentum at Pyxis!

By Pyxis

For almost 20 years now, Pyxis has been at the forefront of organizational practices and helping organizations become both more efficient and more humane. Since we practice what we teach, we have experienced all kinds of structures and operational modes over the years. Thanks to this great experience, we are used to changing corporate cultures and governance structures.

In line with these experiments, a group of employees recently acquired the company. They intend to give it a new impetus while continuing to offer the same quality services based on unparalleled Agile expertise. We wanted to inform the community of this change, which ensures the continuity of the excellent professional services that have made us the Agile reference in Quebec.

We continue to offer comprehensive training and consulting services for Agile transformations initiatives as well as software development. We are also working to expand our offer and are always looking for new collaborators.

Pyxis has always innovated in terms of organizational support and continues to do so by constantly seeking new ways to help teams according to their level of maturity.

Our consulting services help maximize team efficiency. We contribute as much to the startup of projects as to the adoption of best practices and improve the responsiveness and performance of organizations at all levels.

Our coaching and training services build on our wealth of experience, so we continue to tailor our interventions to the specific needs and contexts of clients to help them achieve their goals and improve their work environments.

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