Did you know that your technology may be outdated?

By Done Technologies

Are you overwhelmed with internal requests? Is your IT support team overwhelmed? Are you still able to deliver to your customers? Are your employees frustrated? 

Very often, these situations are related to tools that are no longer adequate or to aging technology that no longer meets the changing needs of the company. Our team at Done advises you on how to keep your company competitive in the marketplace. Discover the risks and consequences of an aging technology for a company, and how to remedy it.

Don’t lose ground to your competitors

First of all, there are signs that should not be ignored: a slow system that can no longer deliver, less and less automated tasks, poor priority management, poor ticket tracking and growing frustration within your team… These signs have a negative impact on your results and the quality of your services, which in turn affects your customers’ satisfaction. 

By depending on unreliable and aging technology, you are putting your business at risk. Being aware of your service’s potential and optimizing it to meet your team’s challenges is of great value in IT. 

Replacing your archaic or obsolete tool is a way to invest in the quality of your services and in improving customer satisfaction. 

Technology investments accelerated or slowed by the pandemic.

Due to the pandemic, many companies have decided to invest in cloud or infrastructure solutions to keep their business running, while other organizations have decided to slow down their investment in these types of solutions. 

Cloud solutions have become a top priority for businesses because of the rise in telecommuting, but also because of the desire to have adequate, reliable structures that are accessible to everyone at all times. 

Modernizing your technology will certainly give you a competitive advantage, but it also plays a role in retaining your talent.  This is essential in an ultra-competitive sector. It is therefore important to view the acquisition of a new software solution as an investment, not an expense. 

As a major player in the market, we encourage companies to keep their technology tools up to date. We help our customers modernize their management software and move to cloud computing.

However, there are still many companies that feel that updating their technology tools is not a solution for their organization. By failing to do so, they expose themselves to more risks such as the paralysis of their operating system due to an old server that no longer restarts, software that has become obsolete, not supported by new operating systems or even worse, exposed to the risk of cyberattacks. 

Do your users complain about your system? 

The slowness of your system, its limitations or the fact that you have to resort to more manual work are all criteria of satisfaction with your customers. They will be unforgiving if your solution no longer meets their needs. It is therefore imperative to update your technological tools. Everyone knows the adage, a customer who is not satisfied is a customer who will go to your competitor and if this customer is internal, it may create some situations you would gladly do without…

At Done, our expertise allows us to intervene at different levels to keep your technology up to date. “We improved the user experience for one of our clients, by facilitating the use of the system through a new way of entering information while limiting certain functions to avoid errors that the existing system would have let pass. 

Are you concerned about wasting time and money?

While all organizations recognize the need to keep their technologies up to date, they are faced with the reality of budget constraints  and misconceptions of moving forward.

Updating your software or computer system requires a lot of time and money. While this idea preoccupies IT managers, it is important to note that maintaining an outdated system (which could break at any time and therefore add additional costs), is also very expensive. In both cases, it is better to invest money to keep up to date and gain time in execution. And we’re not even talking about the difficulty of finding qualified personnel to work on old technologies… In other words, invest your money where it pays off.

Will you be the next to be hacked?

Data leaks have made the headlines in the press, putting well-known companies at risk. You only have to look at the scandal with Desjardins and the impact on the company’s image and reputation with their customers to realize the seriousness of the situation. To avoid this scenario or possible cyber attacks, it is important to update your computer system and comply with the protection standards (General Data Protection Regulation) that are constantly evolving. “Faced with this increase in risk, we help many companies improve the security of their database to limit access via the integration of data encryption by certificate and writing of test data to avoid leaks of sensitive information,”explains Eric.  

The crisis we are going through has seen the rise in telecommuting and the risks related to security are greatly weakening companies. According to a survey conducted by Leger, while telecommuting exacerbates security risks (cyber threats, data protection, etc.), only 25% of organizations surveyed are planning technology investments in the next two years, down from 42% in 2019.

How healthy is my solution?

With the goal of helping you better evaluate your solution, we’ve put together a quick and easy questionnaire – one that takes just a few minutes to complete. This will allow us to better understand your technology challenges so that we can provide you with solutions.

Click here to evaluate your solution

In all cases, the most important thing is to find a business partner who is not only on top of new technology trends, but who also has the broad and comprehensive knowledge to evaluate all possible alternatives and make the best decisions about the future of your solution. Making sure you choose a viable technology based on your reality and business needs will allow you to obtain the desired results and will be beneficial to your organization.

If this article evokes your reality, you have come to the right place. 

At Done, we are able to assist you in the deployment or upgrade of your technological tools. Don’t hesitate to contact us or take our free self-assessment questionnaire to perform a technology audit quickly.  

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