Three tips for dealing with the IT labour shortage

By Yanic Ménard

If you’re reading this page, it’s probably because you too have been affected by the new labour shortage “pandemic” that began a few years ago and has been impacting large companies’ information technology recruitment efforts as they attempt to find qualified workers.

The labour shortage has hit the IT sector hard

This new pandemic has had a direct and negative impact on many companies’ production capabilities. As they struggle to recruit new employees, they find it difficult to keep projects moving forward while ensuring delivery deadlines are in check. As revealed, through a study conducted by the Business Development Bank of Canada based on a survey of 1,208 entrepreneurs, almost 40% of small and medium-sized businesses in Canada are having difficulty recruiting new employees. In addition, 43% of these entrepreneurs say that the shortfall of workers is a major problem, as it limits the growth of their business, prevents them from honouring their commitments and deliver their products on time.

The issues surrounding the labour shortage in Quebec are staggering. The impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on worker shortages, skill gaps, career changes, and many other factors has even compounded these issues.

Regardless of what’s causing the labour shortage, it’s a good idea to stay abreast of the issue and take action to ensure that your business stays afloat. This is where technology comes in to save the day.

“What’s the best way of dealing with the labour shortages in Quebec?”

This is a question to which many people still don’t know the answer!

In this guide, we’re going to talk about solutions to help you deal with recruitment issues in the era of labour shortages.

Here are the three best approaches for tackling this issue.

First, it’s imperative to fine-tune your employer brand to appeal to candidates. This will allow you to showcase your business and attract the interest of workers who demonstrate interest in your company.

To do this, you will need to highlight your company’s core values as well as offer a good salary and working conditions. Emphasizing the human side of your business will make all the difference

“Your employer brand enables the company to attract and retain top talent in the industry. The pride of being part of a reputable organization, the flexibility offered in terms of work/life balance and the quality of the hiring process are key factors for candidates.”

Excerpt from the article “Recruter en TI: comment tirer votre épingle du jeu” (Recruiting in IT: How to play your cards right) published in “les affaires.”

Since the beginning of the pandemic, companies have had to adopt telecommuting strategies. It is now critical for them to provide the tools and technologies that allow employees to have the same comfort at home than at work. These tools offer employees “psychological closeness” with their co-workers and supervisors, providing them with support and enabling them to do their jobs well.

To ensure quality mass recruitment, you may also want to consider recruiting overseas and from remote areas. There are several agencies that specialize in these areas and can help you expand your recruitment efforts. However, you should keep mind that the administrative work involved in this type of solution can be time-consuming and, in some instances, relocation will need to be considered. There is also a risk that candidates may not match the company’s values and needs.

2. Adopt technological tools to optimize work

Simplifying and automating tasks optimizes the time, talent, and skills of your employees. Technology plays an important role in enhancing employees’ creativity at work. It is seen as an essential tool that allows employees to think outside the box and come up with innovative ideas while on the job.

Automation of simple processes increases efficiency and provides better working conditions. It also helps boost productivity and morale when you are short-staffed, and your teams are feeling overworked. Which in turn increases employee retention.

With the right technological tools, employees can improve the quality of their work and avoid having to make multiple entries on multiple platforms, which can lead to errors. This increases employee effectiveness and contributes to the achievement of critical organizational goals.

Modern technology also attracts people who value technology and allow you to deliver faster results and remain competitive when facing your technologically advanced competitors.

3. Work with an external partner instead of hiring internally

According to a study published by the BDC on the Quebec labour shortage, 56% of entrepreneurs admitted that their current workers have had to work harder and longer hours. Hiring from within requires you to invest time and money into the process. There will also come a time when you have exhausted your pool of potential candidates and will need to go beyond referrals to find the best people to meet your needs and accelerate your company growth plans.

Choosing a partner that will act as a backup to your team is an attractive option that can bring added value to your company. The reasons are simple: Using an external team that already has all the required skills can help you to accelerate your processes and ensure you meet your delivery deadlines. This approach also allows your employees to expand their knowledge and expertise through training or by acquiring new skill sets. Everyone wins!

Sharing new ideas will also help your business to keep moving forward, because having a partner to back you up, means having access to a larger pool of people with a multitude of skills, experience, and expertise. Since the partner you select already masters the tools and techniques required for the job, you can rely on their expertise to provide your employees with a high level of support they will appreciate.

But don’t just jump in and choose the first partner that comes along, make sure you do your homework. Choose a company with a good reputation and a history of working closely with established teams. This will ensure a greater quality of work and better collaboration. In addition, when choosing the right partner, don’t hesitate to ask for references, test their skills, or ask about their work methods. It is also important to note that you won’t have to make a long-term commitment, as is the case when hiring employees. You can simply start with a small project to test out the synergy and gradually build a stronger partnership based on trust. You’ll wonder why you didn’t think of it sooner!


The labour shortage is one of the most difficult, if not the most difficult, issues business leaders and managers are facing right now (and it doesn’t appear to be going away any time soon). With a low unemployment rate and more job openings than job seekers, companies must be creative in solving their workforce problems.

Whether it’s fine-tuning their employer brand, improving their technological solutions or working with skilled technology partners to grow their business, companies facing labour shortages should, now more than ever, think of technology as a trusted ally.

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