Suntech Medical

Innovative products improving the quality of healthcare

Suntech Medical creates and supports technological products that measure arterial pressure, like SphygmoCor. Since the beginning of the 80s, focus is put on improving products and making them grow in order to get the most precise measurements possible. The goal is to create innovative products that improve the quality of healthcare.

The Challenge

The Acumin Pro application, that measures arterial pressure, was initially started by a team based in India. But the project was not completed, even exceeding the initial budget. Suntech Medical then decided to turn to a third party in order to finalize the application’s development. It’s at that point that the mandate was given to us and we took charge of continuing the project.

Communication with the client was a challenge in itself since Suntech is based in North Carolina. We had to find ways and tools to make exchanges simpler and easier for both parties. This way, the project was not compromised and was completed on time. There has been some staff turnover on our side, but we made sure that the transition went well and was beneficial to the client, ensuring continuity so the project was not jeopardized.

Our Solution

Our mandate was to finalize what had been started by the other team. We also had to make the application multilingual and redesign it. It needed to be able to connect with the SphygmoCor device at all time. We made adjustments and settings for the deficiencies and new features were added to improve the whole application.

We focused on transparency with the clients so they were placed at the centre of development choices and were really part of the team. They had access to the app and were able to test it during the development since delivery was continuous.

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