About Parker

Parker Micro Thermo Technologies offers a complete line of control devices that enable supermarket managers and owners to make fast, informed decisions with accurate information received in real time from the equipment. Their expertise has allowed the development of an algorithm to reduce the energy costs of supermarkets.


Reduction in energy consumption


Reduction in operational costs

The Challenge

Parker was looking to develop a modern management platform to eventually replace the old platform.

This was to allow for centralized management of IoT devices within in a store to be able to:

  • Change their settings remotely
  • Monitor alarms, equipment failures, maintenance needs
  • And more…

The Solution

Done not only carried out the design and development, but also provided their expertise in web development on Azure and Docker to automate the provisioning and deployment process of production environments on the cloud. Other notable solutions included:

  • The development of a web application to manage and configure refrigeration and lighting systems.
  • The simple configuration through block programming and transfer to devices using MQTT (MQ Telemetry Transport) protocol.
  • The automation of the deployment process of a web platform on Azure to allow remote configuration.

Technologies: Angular, node.js, express.js, cypress, docker, mqtt, typescript, mongo, rappid (jointjs), Linux


“By calling on the IT team extension service for the development of a visual programming product based entirely on web technologies, we were looking for a quick solution. Since we didn’t have the knowledge or experience level for this kind of technology, we turned to Done. We are very satisfied with the quality of the results, the turnaround time and their focus on the real added value the product brings to the customer.”

Yves Roy
Engineering Manager
Parker Micro Thermo Technologies

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