Diving into a real development studio, that seems promising…

By Simon Savoiragile

May 28, 2014— Jean, my boss, told me that he has found the perfect partner to develop our new custom platform. It is Done And I will take part in the development with Done’s team. We do not have the bandwidth to develop this platform by ourselves, and it is imperative to the success of our business strategy. That’s why we are calling on a partner with a team of real custom software development experts. I’m excited but, I must admit, a little nervous at the thought of taking the plunge into this new venture. I’m being told repeatedly that it is an extremely important stake for the company and, at the same time, there are lots of unknowns. Jean wants to make sure that we will deliver a solution on time and within budget without compromising quality, and that it will also allow us to achieve our business goals. However, I feel that there are still many unanswered questions. I wonder how we will make it…

Done’s team seems used to manage a project in a context of uncertainty, which is reassuring. I now understand what my boss meant when he said he was looking for a real business partner, not only a team simply delivering what they are being asked for. In fact, he told me that the commitment of Done’s team regarding our success and their culture of collaboration are what appealed to him. As for me, I’m impressed by the transparency and individual accountability of Done’s team. We noticed that Done team members are professional on every aspect, may it be for work management, their approach to quality, their technical skills, as well as in the way they collaborate one with another and with us.

With their experience, they are able to list the typical challenges ahead of us and to tell us how they expect to face them. I feel they have the experience and skills that will help us succeed. Development with Done will begin soon. Next week, we will have our first sprint planning session. I hope my integration in Done’s team will go well and that I will develop new skills working with them. I’ll discover iterative and incremental development and modern engineering practices. Our objective is to deploy in production a first functional version that will minimally support a first use case within one month. I’m not sure how we will make it, but Done’s team seems to know exactly what they are doing. I guess I will not get bored. Looking forward to next Monday!

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