Migration of Logistics Login’s platform to Azure

By done

We are pleased to announce that Done’s services have been retained to support the migration of Logistics Login’s platform to Azure. Done will also take charge of its maintenance and various improvements and updates necessary to adapt it to new user needs.

  • Transferring sites and databases from a monolithic server to Platform as a Service (PaaS).
  • Connection to the accounting system
  • Configuration of scanners
  • Redesign of the load and route optimization system
  • Adjustment and personalization of bar codes

Login Logistics is a TMS and WMS platform that offers its users optimal management of transport (Transport Management System) and warehouses (Warehouse Management System), allowing them to significantly reduce operational costs. The multi-company and multi-user solution allows access to several functionalities in a single interface by connecting online.

Although the solution is currently developed in PHP, new technologies may be proposed and used for future functionalities when these allow better performance, structure, longevity and scalability.

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